Top Gaming Trends from E3 2011

The Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 is held every June at Los Angeles Convention Center and is the country’s largest video game trade show. E3 is where all of the video game developers go to show off the latest and greatest feats in the industry. The future of the video game world is revealed every year at the E3 trade show. All of the major announcements about the future of video games were first revealed at E3. The major video game companies are Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft and they all had something special to reveal that will change how we play video games forever.

The big announcement from Sony was the reveal of the PlayStation Vita. The Vita is the successor and replacement for the PlayStation Portable. The Vita will have more advanced features and better graphics than the PlayStation Portable. The Vita features a 5 inch touchscreen and will support blutooth, GPS, wifi and 3G. The addition of 3G will allow for online gaming from anywhere. The Sixaxis motion sensing system from the PlayStation 3 controllers will be included in the Vita. This will allow for the first motion controlled gaming experience in a hand-held video game device. Sony is hoping that the release of the PlayStation Vita will allow them to compete in the hand-held gaming market against Nintendo and its very popular DS.

Nintendo’s big announcement at E3 was the successor to the extremely popular Wii gaming system called the Wii U. The Wii was the only current generation video game system that did not support high definition gaming, but this will be eliminated with the Wii U. The Wii U will allow for games to be played in full 1080p high definition. The Wii U will feature a new touchscreen controller that allows for games to be played without the television being turned on. The game will be displayed on the touchscreen in the middle of the Wii U controller. All of the peripherals from the Wii, such as the Wii Remote and Balance Board, will be supported on the Wii U. The release date for the Wii U has been announced for some time in 2012 after April.

Microsoft did not reveal a new gaming device at E3, but showed the further development of one of their current offerings. Microsoft spent the majority of E3 on their Kinect system. The Kinect is an add-on to the Xbox 360 that allows for certain games to be played without a controller through motion controls. Very few games have used the technology prior to E3. Microsoft wanted to use E3 to show all of the upcoming games for the Xbox 360 that used the Kinect. Almost all of the major games that are being released on the Xbox 360 will feature some support for the Kinect. Some of these games are Mass Effect 3, Madden NFL 2012, Fable: The Journey and Star Wars Kinect. The Kinect is the fastest selling consumer electronic device of all-time, but has had very few serious games released that supported the technology. Microsoft is clearly listening to the complains, and are going to do their best to come out with great games with Kinect support.

Every company had a slightly different announcement at E3, but they all revolved around motion controlled gaming. They all clearly believe that this is the future of video games, and only time will tell if the announcements at E3 become successful.

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