The Best Google Chrome Extensions

A lot of us are using Google Chrome, and we love it because some of the great extensions it has to offer. So in the following few paragraphs I’ll just share the best extension there are, and you should definitely use them.

In General

The most important extension is the Mail Checker. Google offers a great free mailing service, and with this little tool you can always watch whether you have new mail or not, you don’t need to constantly refresh the site. The Ad-Block is a must have. Everybody is tired of those stupid commercials, especially if they speak. I just hate those, out of the blue it just starts to speak scaring me to death…

The Evernote Web Clipper is good for saving the content of a website. If you need it, or it’s important for you, then save it to your computer, so you can read it offline. With the Screenshot application you can take pictures as well, so if you want to save something quickly to your computer this is a good solution. Though it can be unnecessary because on a Mac for example you have a key combination for taking a screenshot.

Social Media Addicts

If you are a social media addict, don’t worry, Chrome has some extensions for you as well. With the Twitter notifier you can easily keep track of what’s happening around the world when browsing the net. Much the same way you can keep track of your Facebook notifications as well. The Facebook Photo Zoom is a handy little app that let’s you watch the images of your friends in big just by moving the mouse over the thumbnail. And finally the Buffer app will help you tweet with more ease, if you are working in a company, or in some business, you may need to plan your tweets ahead, and this app will let you do that.

Listening Music

With the help of these apps you can even listen to your favourite music without having any software or program on your PC. Using Music player will help you listen to the artist, genre that’s your favourite, or music that’s very similar to that. And of course you can listen to Grooveshark with an other clever extension.

I hope you enjoyed this quick selection, and share which is your favourite Chrome extension?

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