Jurassic Park The Game

I think on this blog I already have some past with the Telltale games and those of you who read regularly my ramblings about video games know that I just love the Telltale games, and the adventure game genre that they are mostly doing. Sadly the Jurassic Park game was somewhat a disappointment. Nothing went […]

Hector: Badge of Carnage

Telltale Games (with Straandloopers) released the first Hector episode about half a year ago, and after that I eagerly waited for the second and third episode to show up. In case you didn’t hear about Hector, you can watch some videos of it on the official Telltale site. Hector is a point and click adventure […]

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse

So for quite some time we didn’t have any game reviews, but I’ve been playing around an other Telltale series: Sam & Max. I found this game a long time ago and tried out the third season, but it was a bit confusing and much harder than the Back to the Future Game. So naturally […]

Jurassic Park game delayed

  I guess you guys were as excited as I am about the new Jurassic Park game, that was to be released in this April. You are more than welcome to read about the game and the previous attempts in our post. But I’m writing this short announcement sadly, because I just received an e-mail […]

Jurassic Park Game

If you’re browsing through my recent posts about gaming, you can clearly see that I’m fascinated at the moment with the games Telltale makes. I tried a few of them, and now that they are making some iconic movies from the 80’s and 90’s into PC games, it is just really a treat for me. […]

Back to the Future Game

Back to the Future - It's About Time artwork

A long time ago, I was really into a lot of PC games, and I played through at least one game on an average week! And for years I was managing a gaming website, so at least one good thing could come out from my addiction. Well, those days has passed now, and I play […]