A note from me

Hey guys, it’s been a while, since our last post on the blog, sorry for that. We have a lot of things to do currently, so I just didn’t have the time for updating the blog, but will get to it soon. We still have a few interviews in our pocket, so keep looking if […]

New categories coming!


Well it’s been a few weeks now, that our blog has started from scratch! Thanks to you, we’re doing great, and we’re happy to announce some personal project that will hit the blog. Be sure to tell us your opinion in a comment! IndigolineBlog is mainly dedicated to our customers, so we offer tutorials and […]

The Japan crisis


I guess everybody knows now, that on the 11th of March a massive, 9.0 earthquake shook Japan. I don’t want to talk about the ongoing crisis about the nuclear plant, or the vast number of deaths, instead take a little look at how did this move the world. All around the world people are standing […]

How to blog?

Image by Dutchproductions

Starting a blog is not easy. In the next few paragraphs I’ll share with you my experience in creating a brand new blog from scratch. Now the design was fortunately not my job, in our Studio there are two professionals for this job, so you can thank them the great design and the great WordPress […]

indigoLine Blog

Hi everyone! You already saw the new website, now you can see our brand new blog. And we have a lot of thing to offer to you in the upcoming days and weeks. So, let’s have a look at what indigoline Weblog will be all about. With our weblog, we’d like to speak to you, our customers, or anybody who is interested in making their business better.