Is Google+ Failing?

In late July we posted about the new and promising social networking site, Google+. We already saw that Google is trying to reach out to new and unexplored areas to extend their power over the Internet: we got Google mail, Buzz, Sketch, Chrome, and much more, but we are starting to see a downward spiral […]

Will Google+ defeat Facebook?

The new social site of Google is only available since a few weeks, but some already are speaking about Google+ taking over Facebook. Is this really possible, or will Google+ suffer the same fate as Buzz or Wave? Larry Page, the founder, owner of Google announced a few days ago – of course right on […]

The new Google Motion!

April Fools! Watch the video by clicking on the image

I guess you saw this new little software from Google that appeared today. I certainly did, and though, what’s now? And I clicked on it. Then a nice person started to talk about Google motion, a great new, innovative design that let’s you write your e-mails with motions. Delete, send, reply, forward, with just simple […]