Hand Written Fonts

Just a few fonts to share with you today. You might know Chris Spooner, he’s a graphic designer, a pretty good one, and he has two blogs – to my knowledge. One is his own, and the other one is line 25. If you are interested in design related stuff, be sure to check it […]

Inspiration #13

This week I brough to you a few great typography examples. Typography may seem unnecessary to the untrained eye, but a beautifully constructed bunch of letters can be very appealing and can make a boring site to something beautiful. In these images I think you can see a few different techniques that can make letters […]

Fonts for Free #2

Paperview by Vladimir Tomin

In this weeks fonts for free I tried to select some really special fonts. I could say that they are so special, that you should never use them in your portfolio or on your site. They are really expressive, and they shouldn’t be overdone. They can work as art, and they should be managed as […]

Fonts for Free #1

LOT is unique, in the picture a logo was designed around the letter

In this bi-weekly post series, I will look up some really good fonts, that are for free! So either you can use them yourself in your own projects, or you can pick some you like, and request it from us, if you order a website (or and ad, or anything else). In this way you’ll […]