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Most of us need a website, but most of us don’t have the knowledge to make a great looking website that also functions well. And the goal of indigoline Studio is of course to make great websites for an affordable price, but what if somebody just needs a quick portfolio? Well around the internet there […]

Creating an Online Resume for Web Designers

As a web designer, it can be a great option to create an online resume not only to make sharing this content easier but to showcase your abilities in the field. There are many ways to create, and not to create, your online resume. Many students, on completion of their web design degree, will choose […]

How to write an effective CV?

David Rencsenyi Curriculum Vitae

Creating a great CV is essential nowadays, no matter what business you want to do. If you’re trying to find a job, and seeking different companies, the first thing they’ll ask for, is a CV. So if you have a really bad looking CV, no matter what you know, it will decrease your chances. Having […]