StumbleUpon Upsurge

Well you may know that recently I started advertising my blog on StumbleUpon and payed 5 cent per viewer. Then you know that it wasn’t a success, but it was definately better than the Facebook campaign I made. I spent roughly $100 on each payed campaign, and though I didn’t regret it I wouldn’t do it again.

I realised that these kind of campaigns are only good for already running businesses that have a clear image and want to raise awareness, or gain more viewers. Or they are for businesses that have unlimited funds for advertising, or they have a pretty big sum to do that – for example $10 000, not only a $100. Well we didn’t want to spend that much on advertising, so all the small scaled campaigns were unsuccessful. I basically tried every possibility I know (with one exception, which I will try soon), and none of them worked.

Well this is not true with unpaid advertising! Last week I told you about my success on Twitter, my 15 minutes of fame which resulted in a giant upsurge. I thought that I had a spectacular number only on the first day, but this continued on the second. This time it didn’t have anything to do with Twitter. It had to do with StumbleUpon. I’m still trying to figure out this site though, I don’t really understand it. Mainly only one of my posts made its way to the directory successfully, and it’s being visited by a lot of people since my record day. Actually now I am breaking my old, pre-Twitter-success record every day.

So I don’t know why, but one of my posts – which was liked by three people is getting a lot of traffic since I had that huge traffic recently. Maybe it has to do with that it had the most likes. So at the moment obviuously I’m trying to be active on StumbleUpon, and trying to get the most out of it – following some people, liking the pages I like, and of cource submitting some of my better articles.

The most important thing is – what is pretty obvious, and it has been said by many, many people – that you write a good article (in my case this was the interview) which has a unique content, and direct it to the right audience. This can generate hundreds of visits a day, even if you only had a few tens before.

I’ve read this on many sites before, but without seeing what to do exactly I was kind of lost. This is why I’m sharing this with you, so get out there and write a good post – this is the hardest part today, and it requires time, creativity and effort. So don’t give up!

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