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A Feature Rich CMS App With Steep Learning Curve

The trends keep changing in web design and development sector and the preference of web users play a decisive role in this change. The web users nowadays prefer those websites that are intuitive and interactive. The age of static websites with minimal user interaction are over. This is a reason why cms web development has become so popular in recent years. The CMS apps are suited for the developers who want to create appealing websites that woo the users with content and high level of interactivity. CMS development has also thrived owing to the fact that the majority of the CMS apps are open source and hence can be used for free. They also offer good support for a huge number of extensions and plug-ins. The web developers also like the fact that the CMS apps offer easy site modification and decent security features in a customizable interface.

When it comes to selecting the right CMS app, the developers may be spoilt for choice. There are many capable CMS apps available and they offer identical features. For those who want to try out something different from widely used CMS apps like WordPress or Drupal, eZ Publish comes across as a worthy choice. Its extensive features and ideal workflow management facilities make it a worthy choice for the developers.

With eZ Publish, the cms development professionals can publish any type of content like articles, images and media elements effortlessly. It offers a browser based toolbar that takes care of the publishing part. For the novices, its loads of features and interface may prove to be a tad intimidating but within short span they will get used to it. The feature rich text editor is WYSIWYG in nature. This eliminates the need of coding to a large extent. It is quite different from the usual dashboard based interface of the popular CMS apps.

Like many of its CMS brethrens, eZ Publish offers great support for third party extensions that expand its functionality. The extensions for this CMS can be downloaded from the site of the developer easily. As far as management features go, eZ Publish scores quite high compared to other CMS apps. It offers excellent image uploading and editing features. This saves a lot of time for the developers. The administration interface offers everything a developer can ask for, starting from customization and extensive content management. However, some interface elements are placed rather awkwardly.

The workflow engine of this CMS app is outstanding. It enables an administrator to decide a set of actions that will be initiated later to ease publishing process. The app also earns some brownie points when it comes to security. It has a mention worthy sandbox testing feature which is not seen in many CMS.

Overall, there is not much to say against eZ Publish as a CMS solution. The first time users may find the learning curve a little too steep and the UI is somewhat different from other popular CMS solutions. For doing tasks other than blog site publishing the developers will require some knowledge in PHP and server settings while using this app. However, the advanced users with some background in CMS development will find it worth trying out.

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