Design Trends for 2011

The Internet and web appearance has changed a lot in the past 10-15 years. It’s evolved to the point, that you have the tools in your hand to create a beautiful website that contains the necessary info and it is appealing to your customers. Creating a compelling website is really important in the life of a business. Most people search the web for their needs and asking advice from friends, family became a secondary – though a not to be underestimated – factor.

So if you want to increase your opportunities, you must get your face out to the Internet. But what is the trend today? As years go by people change their taste in almost everything: new clothes come to the stores, new seasonal foods, drinks, every brand is trying to come up with something new, along with their old and surely reliable products. So I’m preparing this article for you to know what is visually appealing to the public this year. I’m making this list from the huge article that Web Design Shock has published a few months ago. And I’m including those elements that we, at indigoline Studio find important, and try to achieve in our designs.

Be minimal, be big!

People are getting frustrated with complicated sites. Maybe you noticed on yourself too, that if a site is too complicated, and not simple enough you’ll just leave it – unless it is specifically the site you need, and there isn’t any more on the Internet. So being simple and clean is really important.

You have to get your message to your client. And writing with big letters is a really good combination with the clean design. Using interesting typefaces, and writing in big and attractive letters can make your site much better. Though you have to use this wisely. Too much is not good. A lot of lines with huge letters can be too condensed. Readability is important.

This also applies to icons. The bigger, the better, the more attractive.

Textures and pixel perfect elements.

Textures are becoming more and more important. They make a site more interesting. A decade ago people didn’t use textures, because they were big in size. And the average Internet connection wasn’t fast enough to download it. And a slow page load can mean a potentially lost customer. But now we have faster Internet – though this doesn’t mean that we can go crazy with image sizes.┬áSo instead of solid or gradient colors, now beautifully crafted textures rule the Internet.

An other important thing is sharp edges and pixel perfect elements. I noticed the other day when I had an iPod 4 in my hands that compared to my iPhone 3G it has a much much better resolution, it has really nice clear edges, it is just pixel perfect! And this is a really important thing. You don’t want to put a blurry picture out there.

Footers and Sliders.

These two important elements can solve your problems. With incorporating sliders inside your website you can avoid the unnecessary clicking and loading page after page, like back in the old days. Using a slider your problems can disappear, your products will be there tucked under each other and they will come to the front for a simple click.

You have to use your footers wisely. They are there for sharing information: your location, contact info, bio, about, twitter feed, and other great stuff.

Shadows and Rounded Corners.

For making a site visually more appealing, you have to consider these two factors in 2011. Shadows work great, they can emphasize a box or some info on a site. And corners are effectively becoming necessary: they make a site look much nicer, much smoother, and pleasant to the eye.

So that’s it from me, if you want a much wider article about this, visit the above mentioned link! They have some great stuff, and the links for the sites.

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