Assassin’s Creed Revelations

The E3 Expo has started and we already got some really interesting previews about the new Assassin’s Creed game. We are practically used to getting a really high quality 3d short about the new game. These shorts are just amazing, as a 3d artist I can only praise the guys who did these, really, everybody […]

Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse

So for quite some time we didn’t have any game reviews, but I’ve been playing around an other Telltale series: Sam & Max. I found this game a long time ago and tried out the third season, but it was a bit confusing and much harder than the Back to the Future Game. So naturally […]

E3 Expo is coming

So It’s just a few weeks, and the big E3 expo will start. But what is that exactly you might ask? It’s a really big thing, but not everybody knows about it, just the video game geeks. So I knew about it, and a few years back, when I was managing my own site about […]

Jurassic Park game delayed

  I guess you guys were as excited as I am about the new Jurassic Park game, that was to be released in this April. You are more than welcome to read about the game and the previous attempts in our post. But I’m writing this short announcement sadly, because I just received an e-mail […]

Anno 2070

If you are into strategy games, I’m sure that you are familiar with the Anno series. Or if you just heard of it for the first time, I suggest to get out there and buy the latest episode, or poke around a bit and read our post about it. Ubisoft is planning on releasing a […]

Changes in Video Game Design in the Past Decade

The video game design industry has hosted some of the most rapid changes of any technology in recent years. The past decade has seen some of the most profound changes in this technology since it was first introduced. The video game industry has gone through a period of rapid development in the past decade; the […]

Jurassic Park Game

If you’re browsing through my recent posts about gaming, you can clearly see that I’m fascinated at the moment with the games Telltale makes. I tried a few of them, and now that they are making some iconic movies from the 80’s and 90’s into PC games, it is just really a treat for me. […]

Back to the Future new episodes

Citizen Brown

After playing with the first episode, I was really excited, but at the same time, a little bit disappointed. The game was just too short. I know, that this is an episodic game, and 2-3 hours per episode is not that bad, but it just offered too little. The mood was great, but overall I […]

Back to the Future Game

Back to the Future - It's About Time artwork

A long time ago, I was really into a lot of PC games, and I played through at least one game on an average week! And for years I was managing a gaming website, so at least one good thing could come out from my addiction. Well, those days has passed now, and I play […]

Time consuming games

Recently I downloaded Fruit Ninja to my iPhone, and I was just amazed how much fun it is. On the weekend, I was visiting family in the countryside, and while traveling on the train this game really hooked me. Then I remembered Angry Birds, and I asked myself: why are these games so successful? You […]