How to Choose and Pay for Graphic Design School

If you have an artistic side, you may be considering a career as a graphic designer. The first step in becoming a great designer is choosing the right college and completing a degree program. There are several things to look for when choosing one of the many graphic design colleges in the nation, and many […]

6 Website Design Tips

6 Website Design Tips to Get You More Sales or Subscribers Does it make you mad when you spend ages making a website with great content and fantastic features but find you don’t get many subscribers or sales enquiries? You’re getting respectable traffic but your visitors aren’t taking your desired action. Well there is hope. Here are […]

Jurassic Park The Game

I think on this blog I already have some past with the Telltale games and those of you who read regularly my ramblings about video games know that I just love the Telltale games, and the adventure game genre that they are mostly doing. Sadly the Jurassic Park game was somewhat a disappointment. Nothing went […]

The Slow Mo Guys

It’s Christmas alright, and we all have some time off finally. So for today I searched a nice little Youtube channel that I found only a few days ago, and slowly watched through all the videos on it. There are unfortunately only 50 or so, but they are simply awesome. They are the Slow Mo […]

L.A. Noire – Practically a Movie

It is truly amazing how we are in technology-wise. I recently played through this game, but didn’t have the time to sit down and talk about it. And honestly there’s not too much to talk either! The game is simply splendid. But I’ll try to speak a bit more, and forgive me if I can’t. […]

NescaFail & 9gag

A really interesting thing happened yesterday morning. I had the advantageous position to follow the case of Janos Szolnoki, a Hungarian guy, who entered to a competition on the official site of Nescafé Hungary. What’s so peculiar about this? Well, he asked for some help from 9gag. 9gag is a popular website filled with funny […]

A Few Million Dots & Art

I’m posting this just for inspiration sake. I found this video a few minutes ago, Miguel Endara made a beautiful image using only dots. 3,2 million dots to be precise. This is hard work, just after one hour your arm will get sore, not to mention what happens after 210 hours – or after a […]

Why Do I Need a Website?

So what’s the purpose of a website anyway? We’ve been talking about making websites, making facebook pages, social medias and everything similar. But why do we need a website? Well, there are a few purposes of a website, but let’s try to look at it from a different angle. Do we really need a website […]

How to get Traffic

This is the golden question of websites and blogs all over the world. How to get some decent amount of traffic. The indigoline Blog is slowly becoming 1 year old and we’ve had our good and bad days during this time, but the main thing is that I learnt a lot of things about marketing […]

Hand Written Fonts

Just a few fonts to share with you today. You might know Chris Spooner, he’s a graphic designer, a pretty good one, and he has two blogs – to my knowledge. One is his own, and the other one is line 25. If you are interested in design related stuff, be sure to check it […]